Your Cub Stories

Charlotte - Hazel Glen

Australia Day March was fun and exciting. I enjoyed meeting other cubs and made new friends. Even had Brendan Watson jump in the photos with us.

Michael - 1st Warren

In May 1978, I was the first Cub to get his link badge to Scouts. The group only formed in 1977. I loved my short time in Cubs. I went on to complete pioneer level in scouts and I'm currently ASL NSW Lone scout troop.

Rachel - 1st East Ryde

Rachel performing at Cumberland Gangshow - 2015

I have been in Cubs for 3 years and I love it. The worst thing Mum and Dad can say is "No Cubs tonight". I have learned so many things from Cubs and guess what? My Cub Leader is the same one my Dad had! I have made so many new friends. My favourite thing was to go in Gang Show this year. It was lots of hard work but it was an amazing experience.

Rachel - 1st East Ryde

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